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Twitter Reactions: Bengals release Dre Kirkpatrick

To say the reactions are divided is an understatement.

Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Bengals finally released cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick on Tuesday. To say he was a polarizing players puts it sort of nicely.

Kirkpatrick often found himself the target of plenty of criticism from fans over the past few seasons, but he was also been one of the team’s most reliable veteran leaders. We’ll be looking at the good and the bad from the twitter reactions to Kirkpatrick’s release.

Starting with the good

One of the big things many fans should remember about Kirkpatrick is he stood tall for this team at all times. He was a vocal leader who would stand there and answer questions win or lose. He also wasn’t afraid to pass along his knowledge to the younger players. It also should be noted that maybe he wasn’t as bad as many fans wanted to make it seem.

Now the bad

Kirkpatrick obviously didn’t do everything well over his time in Cincinnati. He did have a habit of getting burned, he missed tackles and he struggled with changing direction witth quicker wide receivers. This led to him being public enemy number one in many fans’ eyes, so it isn’t surprising to see them rejoice.

Suitors already lining up

As with any player hitting free agency at this point in the process, Kirkpatrick has created quite the buzz among fans of corner back needy teams. There are certainly a number of realistic destinations for Kirkpatrick in his first opportunity to hit the open market. It has to feel good to see a former play at least generate this amount of interest.

What was your reaction to the Bengals releasing Kirkpatrick?