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NFL executives plan to start season on time

They expect the season to go on as normal, on time, and with fans in the stands

NFL: OCT 06 Cardinals at Bengals Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sports all over the world have been halted until COVID-19 is under control. The NCAA flat out canceled the sports that were already mid-season, while Major League Baseball postponed the beginning of theirs.

Fortunately for football fans, the NFL doesn’t plan on delaying.

“Am I certain of that?” said executive vice president/general counsel Jeff Pash said, via ESPN. “I’m not certain I’ll be here tomorrow. But I’m planning on it, and in the same way, we’re planning on having a full season.”

“All of our discussions,” Pash said, “all of our focus, has been on a normal, traditional season, starting on time, playing in front of fans, in our regular stadiums, and going through a full 16-game regular season and a full set of playoffs. That’s our focus.”

As Pash indicates, NFL executives believe that the season will go on as normal.

“We’re still in March, so it’s quite a few months between now and when our season would begin. The belief and the information that we have is leading us to continue on focusing on a season that starts on time and played in a normal way.”

The NFL is doing everything in their power to make sure the season starts on time. The NFL Draft is still set of April 23-25, even though the format will be different. The big concern will be rookie camp, OTAs, and training camp. If those don’t start on time, then the season might still have to be delayed.

Hopefully this is a well-thought out decision and not just blind optimism.