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Mike Brown had integral part in Joe Burrow combine interview

This was more than just a regular combine interview, for obvious reasons.

Cincinnati Bengals OTA’s

It was the perfect interview according to some.

The Cincinnati Bengals met quarterback Joe Burrow for the first time back in February at the NFL scouting combine. For weeks leading up to that meeting in Indianapolis, Burrow’s assumed noncommittal personality towards the Bengals dominated airwaves, and it was even a topic during his press conference at the combine.

Whether or not the Bengals were actually worried about that manufactured storyline, the head of the organization made sure to not only be present in the Burrow meeting, but encouraged Burrow to speak his mind.

According to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport, Bengals owner Mike Brown allowed Burrow to ask him questions about his team and the city of Cincinnati.

Brown’s presence in the interview isn’t exactly news; he was reported to be in the room right after it took place. When that became known, his involvement in the meeting could’ve easily been presumed. Burrow is the favorite to go first overall, and the Bengals have been infatuated with him for a while, so of course Brown wanted to talk to him personally.

That Brown turned the tables on Burrow and had him asking the questions is the piece of information that should turn some heads. Burrow did a great job of diminishing rumors of him being unenthused about playing in Cincinnati, but Brown showing openness to address any concern Burrow may’ve had confirms what we already thought we knew.

Taking Burrow is what the Bengals will do, no matter how hard the Miami Dolphins try to trade up with them.