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Bengals reportedly further along in A.J. Green contract talks than with Joe Mixon

Not too surprising, but notable nonetheless.

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Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

An A.J. Green extension is going to be all the talk this summer for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Green’s third contract with the club has realistically been in the works since last year. Once the seven-time Pro Bowl receiver injured his ankle on the first day of training camp, those negotiations were put on hold. Now, a proposed new contract may look much different than how it did last offseason.

Joe Mixon hasn’t even been eligible for a new contract for more than a month now, so it’s no surprise that Tyler Dragon of said on the latest Bengals Beat Podcast that the Bengals are closer to finalizing Green’s deal.

“I can confidently say they are closer to getting A.J. Green’s deal done,” Dragon said. “Not saying it’s going to get done, but they are closer with A.J. than they are with Joe Mixon. I can report that.”

No matter which player you believe is more important for the Bengals to re-invest in, the Bengals will be trying to get both locked in long-term this year. Dragon mentioned that they aren’t focused on either extension at the moment with the NFL Draft being so close.

There’s already an innate uneasiness in paying running backs nowadays, but Green carries his own risk as well. He hasn’t played since November of 2018 and will be 32 years old this July. A new contract may not come until the July 15th deadline, but there’s obvious interest in both sides to finalize it.

The Bengals spent ample amounts of money this past month, but they’ll have plenty of room for both Green and Mixon for the next few years. It’s just a matter of waiting, and Mixon may have to wait longer than Green for good reason.