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Jaguars remain interested in Andy Dalton

The Bengals still hope to find a new home for Dalton, and Jacksonville may be the best hope.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

If the Bengals ultimately trade or release Andy Dalton, the Jaguars remain a viable suitor.

According to’s Mike Silver, Jacksonville remains interested in Dalton, thanks in part to the connection with offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, who formerly served in that role in Cincinnati with Dalton running the show.

The Jacksonville Jaguars — who hired his former Bengals offensive coordinator, Jay Gruden, to serve in that role in January — have interest in signing Dalton if the price is right. Dalton would likely be viewed as a backup plan should things not go smoothly with Gardner Minshew, a 2019 sixth-round pick who emerged as the starter last season.

It sounds like the Jaguars are still committed to at least giving Gardner Minshew a chance to lock down the starting spot, but there’s no question Dalton brings significantly more experience as an NFL quarterback and as a player who’s worked under Gruden. I’d be willing to guess Gruden would prefer having Dalton now, if for no other reason than to push Minshew while also helping him get accustomed to a new offense.

Whether it’s as a backup or a starter, Dalton to Jacksonville makes too much sense. But will the Bengals simply cut Dalton and let him leave freely, or will they insist on getting compensation for him, even if it is just a late Day 3 pick?