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Chalk Talk: Offensive options on Day 3

Some offensive linemen and a playmaker who could be a steal on Day 3

The Bengals need to have a strong showing in the 2020 NFL Draft to get themselves back to competing for a division title.

Fortunately, they will have a very good start with Joe Burrow in the first round. In free agency, they focused much of their resources on defense. It seems likely that at least one of their Day 2 picks will be spent on a defensive player as well. So what can the Bengals do to help Burrow on Day 3?

Maybe more than you think.

The offensive line is a big need for the Bengals. While tackles usually go extremely fast, there is one extremely talented offensive tackle who has been consistently mocked and projected to Day 3. Kansas tackle Hakeem Adeniji. Adeniji is a big man and excellent athlete. He played left tackle for the Jayhawks but could develop into a starter at right tackle for the Bengals.

Teams can find starters on the interior offensive line on Day 3 of the draft and the Bengals might very well look for a play and play guard, but there is one interior lineman who is a bit risky but comes with huge upside. People were shocked when Wisconsin center Tyler Biadasz did not declare for the NFL Draft last year, but it turned out that he needed hip surgery in the offseason. His performance dipped in 2019, but if he can get back to his old form he could be a dominant force in the NFL.

Memphis running back slash wide receiver slash kick returner Antonio Gibson is a versatile offensive weapon who far too few people are talking about. He can do so much that I may get a bit carried away singing his praises in this video, but he can do so much. He would be a lot of fun in the Bengals offense.

Take a look at the video breakdown.

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