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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast interview with Dhani Jones

The NFL’s version of “The Most Interesting Man in the World” joins us to talk about a wide variety of topics. We just hope we can keep up!

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For a guy who wasn’t drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals and spent only four of his 10 NFL seasons in The Queen City, Dhani Jones is one of the most revered players to ever don the tiger stripes. His affable personality and ability to play some of his best professional football for the team at the end of his career has made him a fan favorite.

Dhani Jones has used his NFL platform to springboard into a number of other television opportunities. Most notably, the reality show, “Dhani Tackles the Globe”, provided the veteran linebacker an outlet to combine a number of his passions: travel, sports and engraining himself into other cultures.

We are fortunate to be able to speak with Mr. Jones as a part of our 2020 NFL Draft coverage. While we’re curious to get his take on the new-look team, we also want to get some insight into the Marvin Lewis/Mike Zimmer days of which he donned the coveted “C” on his jersey.

Dhani Jones also joins us to chat about a couple of charitable endeavors. The BowTie Foundation conducts great work in the community and we urge you to give it your support, if you are able.

Per its website, The BowTie Cause Foundation is a charitable and educational organization which fosters the personal development of underprivileged youth through different outreach programs and grants. Like many nonprofits in the COVID epidemic, they have been affected and need additional assistance. If you are able, please see how you are able to contribute to their worthy cause.

Speaking of the unfortunate epidemic, Dhani is also actively supporting GiveTogetherNow. They’ve raised over $30 million for needy families and are in need for more assistance from folks like yourself.

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