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Carson Palmer never tried to talk Joe Burrow out of Cincinnati

Carson Palmer says he never told Joe Burrow not to play for the Bengals.

Palmer selected first Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

For better or for worse, Joe Burrow has been inexorably linked with Carson Palmer.

Since Burrow has been projected as the Bengals’ first overall pick, the media has been talking with Palmer nonstop. As the most recent first overall pick to the Bengals and brother of Burrow’s trainer, Jordan, people are continually asking for his perspective.

Both Carson and Jordan Palmer were former Bengals, but Carson left the organization on bad terms. He’s been critical of the Bengals since, which has led some to believe he would try to convince Burrow not to play there.

Palmer appeared on the Pat McAfee Show, where host Pat McAfee asked him if there was any validity to those rumors.

The answer was simple.

“Zero. None.”

Even though his experience wasn’t positive in his opinion, he says he didn’t try to influence Burrow’s decision.

“I’ll tell you what I went through, but I’ll never project onto another player ‘you should do this, you should do that.’”

Palmer realizes that the Bengals are Burrow’s “local hometown team,” and that he has been growing up watching them play. It’s everyone’s dream to play for the local NFL team, and Burrow is no different.

“That’s his local hometown team. I get why he’s excited about the opportunity.”

Palmer thinks that Burrow is too mature and too intelligent to take only Palmer’s word for it. Palmer is sure that Burrow has not only talked to other people, but also looked into it himself. Whatever the case, he said Burrow can make his own decision without needing to blindly trust any one person.

“I’ve been critical of the organization for years, and I have my reasons for doesn’t give [Burrow] the credit he deserves to say ‘some old washed up quarterback came in an told him not to go there, so he’s not going to go there.’”

Palmer admitted that the organization has taken some huge strides since he left in 2011. The Bengals are a more attractive team now, and Burrow might have a great opportunity in Cincinnati.

“He’s watched this offseason. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s sitting there going ‘man, the Bengals are making moves in free agency. Maybe they’re changing. Maybe they’re adapting.’”