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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals Podcast: Round 1 livestream and reaction

It’s Burrow time.

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Free agency was just the beginning for turning around the Cincinnati Bengals. Now, after what seems like a decade of no live sports, the 2020 NFL Draft is finally here, and it all begins when the Bengals select Joe Burrow with the first-overall pick.

There’s not much else to say about Burrow going to the Bengals, a team that’s based just under 200 miles away from his hometown of The Plains, Ohio. It’s been a foregone conclusion that Burrow would be the Bengals’ pick at the top of the draft, and no potential trade offer from the Miami Dolphins was going to get in the way of that.

Cincinnati officially selected Burrow at No. 1 and a new era of Bengals football is underway. The Bengals were apparently offered all kinds of trade deals, but stayed put and took a generational football talent at the quarterback position.

This is the Bengals’ chance to turn four consecutive losing seasons and nearly 30 years of playoff impotence into something meaningful. A chance to truly reset their franchise and enter a new window of winning.

It all starts tonight and the Orange and Black Insider crew is here to experience it with you. Join us as we react to the pick live and discuss the rest of what could happen tonight before the Bengals go back on the clock at pick No. 33 tomorrow.

Music on the audio episode is from Bleed the Sky and the track played is “Membrane” off of their album, This Way Lies Madness. They appear on the show courtesy of Art is War Records.

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