Trading back into the 2nd or 3rd round??

Everyone questioned whether or not we might trade back into the 1st round, going to be honest i never thought we would for the simple reason that this draft is so deep. That begs the question though when I start looking at players available and you see a growing list of talented players that can help this team out in a big way. Gaining the ability to get back into the 2nd round seems like one that could truly help this team out. Possibly even the 3rd round is a possibility. So question is what would it take or what would you want to give up in order to gain another 2nd or possibly 3rd round pick?? Would you be willing to give up our 2nd next year and this years 5th to gain another player?? If a team was willing would moving Dalton and our 4th round pick this year be enough to move back into the 3rd round somewhere?? About a call to Jags offering up Dalton and 2nd next year for pick #42, or Dalton and 4th or 5th rounder this year for pick 73??

Given we seem to be going all in on FA I think it's only right this team completes the all in process by gaining another 2nd round pick preferably or 3rd rounder to capitalize on one of the higher quality drafts we've had in some time.

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