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Dave Lapham thinks Bengals are trying hard to trade back, and for good reason

This is as loaded of a second round as the NFL has seen in recent memory.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals are on the clock with the first pick of Round 2 in the NFL Draft, but will they actually keep the pick?

Local 12’s Jed DeMuesy spoke with Bengals radio commentator Dave Lapham, who typically has some good scoops every year when it comes to his former team’s draft plans. In this instance, Lap thinks the Bengals are trying hard to trade down from the 33rd pick.

This also comes after a report surfaced the Bengals were looking at TCU defensive lineman Ross Blacklock and Baylor receiver Denzel Mims with the 33rd pick.

Now, in most drafts, there’s usually a handful of first-round-caliber prospects who fall into the early parts of Round 2, but they’re usually scooped up pretty quick. That’s why trading down in a normal draft could be an unwise move to make.

However, this is regarded as a very deep draft class with a host of first-round prospects still on the board, as Adam Schefter reports:

That would suggest the Bengals could trade down pretty far in Round 2, or even into Round 3, and still pick up a first-round prospect.

For that reason, the best option for Cincinnati may to be a trade down and acquire more picks, perhaps even an extra Day 2 pick.

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