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Chad Johnson elevates his status as the Bengals’ best hype man

Ochocinco’s excitement for the 2020 Bengals is palpable.

Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Take a few minutes to go on Twitter and search @ochocinco. You’ll like what you find.

The Cincinnati Bengals appeared to emerge as winners of the first virtual NFL Draft, garnering high praise in the form of several high draft grades. It’s safe to say that the first pick got the attention of Cincinnati’s all-time leading receiver.

Johnson’s enthusiasm over Burrow to Cincinnati went all the way back to Super Bowl weekend when Cincy Jungle alum Rebecca Toback got his thoughts on Jack Burrow.

Burrow was just the beginning, though. The end of the first round meant that the Bengals were back on the clock, and Tee Higgins remained available. This didn’t sit well for No. 85.

Exactly 19 hours later, the Bengals made Higgins the 33rd overall pick in the draft, giving Burrow a receiving weapon to grow with in an offense that already had multiple receiving options to boast surrounding A.J. Green.

This got Johnson excited, to say the least. Will Zac Taylor let him come to practice this offseason like he did last year?

Johnson even signed off on Higgins choosing 85 for his jersey number. With Burrow rocking the No. 9, it’ll be like watching the next generation of Carson Palmer and Ochocinco.

There’s no bigger advocate for McDonald’s than Johnson, who also trains with plenty of current stars in the league. It seems that Johnson is already extending his offerings of both towards Burrow and his new weapons. A.J. Green made it clear he’s down.

Bengals fans have expressed an unprecedented level of excitement that fully manifested itself this past weekend. And as its greatest ambassador, Johnson appears to be leading the charge.