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Bengals’ Zac Taylor not phased by lack of in-person exposure to top picks

The Bengals are adjusting during this unique times.

Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

With NFL facilities on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic that is currently sweeping throughout the United States, franchises have to morph on the fly as the NFL Draft is still slated for April 23-25.

Having two top-35 picks in the upcoming draft, the Bengals have arguably the most important set of days in franchise history awaiting them.

If Burrow, or whatever quarterback they select with the No. 1 overall pick, turns out to be a superstar, the Bengals could bolt into playoff contention. That’s why making sure they get it right is so crucial.

Well, it’s difficult to ensure you get the guy that you foresee as the best future NFL player without getting much live, in-person action of them. For Zac Taylor, that exposure doesn’t matter much as the team is confident in their system.

“The only thing you didn’t get to a chance to see was a guy throw 40 throws in front of you. At the end of the day, what does that really give you in the grand scheme of things? Sometimes that’s a big factor if you take a guy in the fifth or sixth round. Something like that. We’ve had plenty of exposure to the guys that have put themselves in position to be the No. 1 pick. We feel very confident with whoever we decide to take,” Taylor told’s Geoff Hobson.

As for the remaining picks, Taylor isn’t going straight to the players but rather the college coach.

“I’m pretty much calling college coaches I know and ask about the prospects. The feedback so far has been great for the coaching staff,” Taylor said.

That’s an especially interesting tidbit into Taylor’s daily operations. Having to adjust has been a staple for Taylor’s short stint with Cincinnati. Whether it’s injuries or a pandemic, Taylor has had a rocky start that he must quickly turn around from.

Burrow could be the start.