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Zac Taylor makes considerable donation to local homeless shelter

Here’s some good news for your Sunday.

New York Jets v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Zac Taylor’s first season with the Cincinnati Bengals didn’t go quite as planned. In his first attempt as a head coach at the highest level, he struggled to get things going, winning just two games.

However, unlike with other first-year coaches, the city and organization had his back. They trust the process he’s bringing in, and it’s, in part, because of the reputation he’s established both with the city, the media, and the franchise.

That reputation and character has been on full effect this offseason as Taylor is finding ways to give back in a time that’s rough for so many. The COVID-19 has struck the Cincinnati community, and it doesn’t factor in income equality either.

That said, Taylor recently visited the City Gospel Mission, a home in the heart of the West End looking to provide shelter and support to the homeless of Cincinnati.

Taylor went there, he took games, he donated “a significant check,” and he asked his staff to consider doing the same.

WLWT’s Elise Jesse was told the check was worth $20,000.

Obviously, the Bengals want to win and Taylor will be on a short leach if he fails to succeed this season, but at the end of the day, from a character perspective, he’s everything the Bengals wanted in a leader.

Let’s hope that leadership continues in the locker room and on the field as the team is finally starting to spent to improve.