Outside the box with Jameis Winston or Cam Newton

Seems like we're all bored and ready for draft day to see what happens, I decided to take a little different approach and wonder is there other solutions for this team. No one seems to be interested in signing Winston or even Newton for that matter so I'm taking the approach that we sign Winston either or would work for this scenario.

However, now that you've all rolled your eyes and thought about how crazy that is signing a 30 int QB or a injury prone Newton. Winston has never been on a team built for success, the defense has always been terrible and he's forced to get into a shootout and he's never had a running game he can lean on. I do think he offers some skills but it needs to be in the right setting. Likewise with Newton and the injuries he needs protected and used as a QB not as RB.

So what I've done is trade our #1 overall pick to Miami for pick #5,18,26, 39 and 2020-1st rounder. You'll notice a defensive approach to start because we made that directional pitch in FA so let's roll with it and build a juggernaut.

5 (1)--Simmons LB

18 (1)--Queen LB

26 (1)--Yetur Gross-Matos DE

33 (2)--Mims or Aiyuk WR

39 (2)--Ezra Cleveland OT

65 (3)--Albert Okwuegbunam TE

107 (4)--Tyler Johnson WR

147 (5)--Cole McDonald QB--There's a lot of potential here especially if he can speed up the delivery.

Obviously this can be arranged many different ways and opens up the ability to move up and down in the draft freely while also acquiring more picks for the 2020 draft. I think we can agree the defense should be able to carry this team and even look to using one of the picks on a deep range safety that covers the field. Hope you all enjoy, not like it's going to happen but you can start looking at the team you could build. Obviously some of these guys aren't going to pan out it's the nature of the game.

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