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Leonard Fournette fondly remembers A.J. Green-Jalen Ramsey altercation

“I cherish that moment every day.”

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Jacksonville Jaguars Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODAY Sports

2017 was a pretty forgettable year for the Cincinnati Bengals. For the Jacksonville Jaguars, however, it was nearly magical.

In the middle of their season that culminated in an AFC Championship game appearance, the Jaguars hosted the Bengals in Week 9. The final score of 23-7 favoring the Jaguars is what Bengals fans don’t remember. What they do remember is A.J. Green taking down cornerback Jalen Ramsey in a no-contest brawl.

Ramsey isn’t with the Jaguars anymore, but running back Leonard Fournette is (despite Jacksonville’s reported attempts to trade him). In a zoom call posted to social media, Fournette recalled the Green-Ramsey fight as his favorite moment in his Jaguars career thus far.

Twitter ran with the quote and Fournette soon responded with some needed context.

While Ramsey was his teammate and would’ve received Fournette’s backup, the fourth-year running back does make the point most players would’ve agreed with. Ramsey turned his back to Green after pushing him to the ground and suffered the consequences because of it. He didn’t want to fight because he didn’t think Green had it in him. Had he did, one would hope he would’ve put up a better fight than that.

Green and Ramsey were both ejected from the game, in which Green only had one reception for six yards. Green had Ramsey beat on a potential touchdown earlier in the afternoon, but a poor throw by Andy Dalton wasted Green’s immense separation from Ramsey.

The loss dropped the Bengals to a 3-5 record on the season, and much frustration had clearly been built up inside of Green by that point. In yet another Sunday destined to end in a loss, it was almost refreshing to see a normally composed Green let loose.

Players like Fournette know who really won that battle.