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Twitter Roundup: Bengals release Andy Dalton

Safe to say fans would like to remember the good with Andy Dalton on the way out.

NFL: DEC 29 Browns at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Bengals and their long-time franchise quarterback Andy Dalton have officially parted way. Dalton asked for his release, and Cincinnati did right by their veteran quarterback by agreeing to allow him to hit free agency.

Dalton and the Bengals have been synonymous since the team drafted him in 2011, and starting out his career by leading the team to five straight playoff appearances was something that had many fans excited. He also won over 70 games, whic is very impressive over nine seasons to have that kind of consistency.

The last few years have been especially rough. Cincinnati had an outdated view on how to build a team, and they often allowed talented veterans to walk without properly developing their replacements. This isn’t to say Dalton was innocent of receiving any of the blame, but it was obvious that Dalton wasn’t in the best situation the past few seasons.

Despite enduring plenty of criticism from fans during the rough years after 2015, many fans and analysts gave Dalton a positive sendoff.

All the best for a Bengal great

Bengals fans, beat writers and even analysts from around the nation send Dalton off right. He clearly has gained plenty of respect as being one of the best guys on and off the field for his entire time in Cincinnati.

Teammates and former Bengals chime in

Many of Dalton’s teammates and several big name Bengals wanted to pay their respects to may end up being a very memorable quarterback for Cincinnati. Obviously, we all wish that Dalton could’ve gotten over the hump, but it is clear by these comments that there was plenty of respect for Dalton’s play. Even some respect from the man whose number he wore.

Possible destinations

The next question for Dalton is where will he end up? There has already been plenty of quarterback movement this offseason with rookies and veterans being in high supply. There are still some obvious destinations where Dalton can be a backup or possibly step in if a young quarterback doesn’t develop the way they planned.

Video and GIF reactions

Of course, no twitter roundup would be complete without some of the best GIF and media reactions. Some heartfelt videos mixed in with some comedic GIFs to end the Dalton era right.