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Chad Johnson shares which of his countless celebrations was his favorite

The answer isn’t quite what you’d expect from the wide receiver who put on a show whenever he reached the end zone.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Denver Broncos - December 24, 2006 Photo by Rich Gabrielson/NFLPhotoLibrary

The Bengals have to be happy that their former wide receiver Chad Johnson (aka Chad Ochocinco) has become such a vocal ambassador for the franchise. His original tenure with the team helped create countless Cincinnati fans that are still with the team today. One of the reasons he stand out was his incredible touchdown celebrations.

Johnson scored 66 touchdowns in Cincinnati, and while he didn’t celebrate all of them, he created a unique experience after most of them. That begs the question, though. Which celebration was Johnson’s favorite? Well he finally answered that question recently.

The taking over for the cameraman may be surprising to most fans. For a guy who proposed to a cheerleader, pulled of the river dance, wore a makeshift Hall of Fame jacket, dove into the dog pound in Cleveland among other memorable moments, using the camera may not have even been one that they would recall.

However, hearing Johnson describe it shows not only a different side of the celebration, but it really sums of what kind of player he was. It wasn’t really widely known (if at all) that Johnson pointed the camera at a large group of his family and friend in attendance. We never really saw what his camera was looking at since the focus was on what he was doing.

Knowing that he wanted to shine that light on those important to him really shows a different side of the wide receiver many deemed a diva. At the end of the day Johnson was always willing to spread the praise around his team and in this case his family and friends. It never got as much publicity because he was also saying outlandish things that people would run with instead, but it was there. The fact he doesn’t choose another brilliantly choreographed celebration instead shows where his mind is at.

Considering his celebrations really brought more of a national light to a city that has never really been very popular, it just says so much that his favorite brought that same light to his family and friends.