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Bengals preparing to reopen, don’t have set return date yet

As the lockdowns end, the Bengals will soon look to reopen their facilities.

NFL: Cincinnati Welcomes Joe Burrow Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

This pandemic has been unlike anything the NFL has seen.

So, it’s with great sensitivity that the teams will look to reopen their facilities. With offseason trainings potentially starting up and coaches getting back in the office, the Bengals have no set reopening date, but there is progress being made.

The NFL, led by commissioner Roger Goodell, send out a memo to the owners and presidents of teams regarding reopening their facility. The Bengals will get the ok to reopen their facilities on May 19.

However, much of the immediate reopening is also based on state legislation. In Ohio, the Bengals are, according to Bengals Wire’s Chris Roling, one of 20 teams that could bring staff back to their facility.

Teams must obviously report any COVID-19 related issues immediately as well.

This is a step in the right direction, but it still doesn’t give fans the answers that they crave. The biggest question out there is if there will be a season in 2020. Just as important is if fans will be in attendance to watch said games.

Both won’t be answered in the near future, but as states start to open back up, there should be a renewed hope that some form of the NFL will return this fall.