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Joe Burrow tops NFLPA’s 2020 Rookie Rising Stars list

The NFLPA has listed Joe Burrow as the most marketable rookie in this years’ class.

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Joe Burrow is a Heisman Trophy winner, National Champion, and first-overall draft pick. Players that have one of those accomplishments are well regarded. Players with all three are almost unheard of.

That’s why the NFLPA listed Burrow as the top rising star of the rookie class.

In order to help the NFL market it’s players, or to help other companies partner with the NFL for marketing purposes, the NFLPA has a list every year of the top rookies and veterans that are “tomorrow’s top sellers.”

The NFLPA picks ten rookies and ten veterans to add to their list of rising stars.

Burrow is number one on the rookies list.

As a quarterback that came out of college as one of the most accomplished players ever, it’s no surprise they picked Burrow. The NFLPA thinks that between his performance on the field, his social media presence, and potential sales opportunities, Burrow will be the most marketable rookie in the class.

“Joe Burrow, the top overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals, leads the rookies projected to finish among the Top 50 retail stars,” said the NFLPA on their website.

“According to opendorse, the social media activation partner of the NFLPA, which helps players and brands activate partnerships, Burrow has the highest social media engagement (31.7%) among the listed rookies. Burrow and [CeeDee] Lamb are the fastest growing on social media, with 93% of Burrow’s audience following him in the past year.”

Most of his audience grew in the past year because he went from graduate transfer to number one overall pick.

The NFLPA expects his popularity to grow. Bengals fans just hope his on-the-field performance lives up to the hype.