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Auden Tate aids cleanup efforts in hometown Tampa

The young veteran makes a positive difference in the place where he began growing his football career.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

All across the country, citizens and athletes alike are voicing their frustrations regarding police brutality and racial injustice. There is not part of America that hasn’t been touched by its impact.

Tampa, Florida, the city where Bengals wide receiver Auden Tate attended high school, is no exception. Just yesterday, Tate and other Tampa native football players helped clean up messes made after riots impacted a street-side strip mall. CBS Tampa reporter Grace Remington was on the scene to report it first.

As communities are damaged due to civil unrest, it’s nice to see Tate and other people of influence like fellow NFL players Ray-Ray McCloud and Isaiah Rodgers assume leadership roles in building things back up.

Before he went to Florida State, Tate attended Wharton High School just 20 miles from downtown Tampa. The site of this area is right next to the University of South Florida, which is in-between Tate’s high school and the downtown area.