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Willie Anderson asks Mike Brown to honor past Bengals

Former Bengals tackle Willie Anderson doesn’t lobby for a ring of honor specifically, but wants something similar.

Cincinnati Bengals v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The passing of Bengals legend Ken Riley is another sobering reminder that the Pro Football Hall of Fame still doesn’t include one of the NFL’s greatest defensive backs in its history.

Despite being fifth all-time in interceptions, Riley never got the nod from Canton. Along with his former teammate Ken Anderson, Riley is one of the best players in pro football history without a bronze bust in the Hall of Fame.

Former tackle Willie Anderson argued that the Bengals should honor Riley, among other Bengals legends, in their own way.

Anderson argues that the Bengals should have a way to honor the history of the franchise and those who were a part of it. The Bengals don’t currently have a ring of honor or a hall of fame like many other franchises.

The closest thing they have took place in 2017 when the Bengals played their 50th season. They honored some former players during a ceremony at halftime, but nothing more formal than that has been established.

Anderson argues that division rivals like the Steelers and Ravens have their own version of a hall of fame, so the Bengals should get one as well.

The Bengals have about 30 more years of history than the Ravens, so if they have a hall of fame, the Bengals can get one too.

If the Pro Football Hall of Fame refuses to honor Bengals legends, then the Bengals should do it themselves. Anthony Muñoz is the only player in the Hall of Fame that was primarily a Bengal despite some great players passing through Cincinnati.

Ken Riley, Willie Anderson, and Ken Anderson should be in the inaugural class if the Bengals instituted anything like what Big Willie is suggesting.