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Bengals News (6/10): Fab five

The five most important Bengals of all-time.

Philadelphia Eagles v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

Bengals defensive tackle D.J. Reader shed 20 pounds in the offseason to gain quickness
When Reader and the rest of his teammates get on the field at Paul Brown Stadium, the only thing heavy about him is going to be that $53 million deal the Bengals gave him three months ago. Reader says he has shed about 20 pounds, is now about 320 and remains hungry despite becoming the NFL's the highest-paid nose tackle.

Bengals Franchise Five: Revealing the most important coach and players in Cincinnati's team history
Everywhere you look in the modern NFL, you can see shades of things that were created in Cincinnati. The West Coast offense? It was invented by Bill Walsh during his time as an assistant in Cincinnati. The zone blitz? Former Bengals defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau perfected the concept in Cincinnati before making it famous in Pittsburgh. The no-huddle offense? Former Bengals coach Sam Wyche brought it to the NFL in 1985. Seriously, no one in the NFL was running the no-huddle as a full-time offense before that.

Bengals’ D.J. Reader cut weight and wants to be even better
Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman D.J. Reader isn’t content with just coasting after the team made him the NFL’s highest-paid nosetackle in free agency.

The Cowboys are pleased with former Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton
The Cowboys and Prescott are in the middle of contract negotiations. While Dalton's presence doesn't impact Dallas' long-term plans at quarterback, he has the experience to help everyone on the team. He gives the Cowboys a capable backup if Prescott were to get injured.

How does arrival of Tee Higgins impact John Ross’ role with Bengals?
But one interesting factor complicating things? Try rookie wideout Tee Higgins, the first pick of the second round this year and a guy the Bengals seemed to like as a first-round prospect.

Around the league

Players Coalition urges Congress to pass Ending Qualified Immunity Act
With unprecedented support from across the three major professional sports leagues, the Players Coalition submitted a letter to Congress on Wednesday morning supporting passage of the Amash-Pressley bill, which would end qualified immunity for police officers and other government officials.

Robert Griffin III aims to become a starting QB again
Robert Griffin III hasn't started more than seven games in a season since 2013, his second year in the NFL, and has been a full-time backup in Baltimore the past two years after sitting out the 2017 campaign.

Falcons OC expects to 'see a jump' in Calvin Ridley's game in 2020
"I think he's always been able to beat his man just by pure speed and athleticism, and I think as he gets a little more consistent in his route-running and understanding what is landmarks are, his depths of his routes are, I think you're going to see a jump in his game," Koetter said Tuesday, via the team's official website. "Now, you say that, but we're also talking about a guy who, in his first two years in the league, has put up some pretty substantial numbers. But I think his talent is even higher than that."

Bradley Chubb: Rehabbing 'weird' in near-empty Broncos facility
"It was weird, just very quiet," Chubb said, via ESPN. "And it was some days people didn't feel like talking it would be a quiet room, just working out in a quiet room. We did a good job trying to make sure we had that same energy every day in training room, but it definitely wore on you seeing the same people over and over and doing the same thing over and over."