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One Bengals coach is vocal about making The Jungle a fearful environment

The hostility in The Jungle must return for the Burrow-led Bengals in 2020.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

No one is scared to come into Cincinnati.

Although the team’s two wins last season were both in front of their home crowd, The Jungle, also known as Paul Brown Stadium, has not been representative of its nickname over the past few seasons.

Sure, when this team was winning, more fans were in the stadium. Last season, when they were winning, the numbers were brutal. They had their worst attendance numbers in over 20 years.

Since 2008, they’ve only had four seasons in which the team has recorded under 50,000 fans per game. Those four are 2011 and the last three consecutive seasons with 2019 pulling in a mere 47,179.

The Bengals finished with the second-worst attendance last season, not providing that hostile environment fans hope for. Defensive line coach Nick Eason wants to change that, and he’s passionate about doing so.

“My message is at some point in time you have to get mad. You have to get mad. You have to get mad. This is supposed to be, ‘The Jungle.’ In the jungle there are anacondas, snakes, mosquitoes and all kinds of creatures out there that make you uncomfortable. That’s the way it has to be with the Bengals,” Eason told’s Geoff Hobson.

He’s in no way wrong either.

The Bengals need a more hostile environment, and the time is now to do so. The hype is at an all-time high with Joe Burrow looking to be the face of the franchise for the distant future.

The offensive firepower, although the line is still a major question mark, should bring in the fans, and the Bengals will be wanting each one as they hope to set off the decade on the right foot.

Let’s hope Eason can get the fans rallied and bring in that hostile environment fans crave.