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Coaches can return to NFL facilities beginning Friday

Another big step toward getting things back to normal.

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals

After the COVID-19 outbreak shut down much of the sports world for the last three months, things are starting to get back to normal. That includes the NFL, which just took a big step toward getting back to a normal offseason.

On Thursday, the league sent out a memo that coaches can return to NFL facilities starting Friday.

This means Zac Taylor and his staff should be back at Paul Brown Stadium by this weekend as they prepare for the upcoming season.

While coaches are now allowed to get back to work at their facilities, the same is not yet true of players. Earlier this week, ESPN reported that players are not expected to return to team facilities until training camp, which typically begins toward the end of July. That means the Bengals won’t have new guys like Joe Burrow able to work at PBS for another month.

Still, this is a big step toward having a normal 2020 NFL season.