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Interview: Ken Anderson is excited about Joe Burrow

Ken Anderson found great success in the playoffs because of his accuracy and preparation and he thinks Joe Burrow can do the same.

Ken Anderson had a passer rating of 93.5 in the playoffs, which is exceeded by only four other non-active players. He led the Bengals to their first ever postseason victory, first every Monday night victory, and was clutch in the Freezer Bowl and Super Bowl XVI.

So what does he say is the key? Accuracy and preparation.

In our interview with Anderson, he told us he thinks Joe Burrow can find similar success at the NFL level.

When I asked Anderson what made him so successful in big games and if Burrow can do the same, he replied:

“Well, most of the time it’s preparation. And I found that when I was most confident going into the game was when I was most prepared for a game. You play the game over and over in your mind and I guess I was one of the few players that really enjoyed practice. And I enjoyed training camp. I enjoyed the process leading up until Sunday.”

Anderson then implied that Burrow has the same approach, as he discussed his strong supporting cast at LSU. Then he gave a glowing report of what he’s seen from the Bengals’ rookie QB, saying:

“The thing I really like is his accuracy down the field. You see him make NFL throws, throwing the back shoulder throws. And I think about everything else, the consistency. Over the entire season, you never saw him have a bad game. So I’m excited he’s coming to Cincinnati.”

Anderson also told us what he thinks went wrong in Super Bowl XVI, how the process of preparing for games has changed since his time, and about the good work the Ken Anderson Alliance is doing to help adults with developmental disabilities. Make sure to check out the entire interview at the top of the page. Thanks for watching!