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Bengals News (7/1): Believing the hype

The hype surrounding Fred Johnson is only growing with the way coaches are talking about him.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Fred Johnson hype hard to ignore after listening to Jim Turner
Offensive line coach Jim Turner singled out Johnson as one of the reasons the coaching staff remains encouraged with the current depth chart. He appeared on the “Bengals Booth Podcast” with Dan Hoard and Dave Lapham and said the following:

Two young Cincinnati Bengals players listed as hot seat candidates
There seems to be a never-ending cycle in the football world of players who fail to meet the astronomical expectations from the outside world, reserving a position for them on the proverbial hot seat. It can be long-time veterans, back up players, and even members of the coaching staff. On USA TODAY’s list, however, it’s two young, unproven members of the Cincinnati Bengals: John Ross and Jonah Williams.

Top Ten plays in Cincinnati Bengals' history
The greatest player in team history and arguably the greatest left tackle to ever play the game, Anthony Muñoz has an endless highlight reel of pancake blocks, but his first-ever touchdown is 10th on the list.

Tee Higgins to work with Chad Johnson before Bengals training camp
Chad was mad Higgins fell out of the first round…until he landed with the Bengals. He then recruited Higgins, A.J. Green, Tyler Boyd and John Ross for workouts. He later gave Higgins his blessing to wear No. 85 with the Bengals, allowing the formation of a new “9 to 85” with Joe Burrow and Higgins.

A breakdown of the Bengals' tight end room
The tight end room has a lineup of solid blockers including C.J. Uzomah, Drew Sample, and Cethan Carter, which bodes well for Joe Mixon and the running game. With Tyler Eifert’s departure, Sample is expected to have a bigger role in the passing game. If that doesn’t workout, they have other options.

Around the league

Cam Newton headlines NFL players under the most pressure in 2020
Can the first-round bust turn his career around? Will the former Pro Bowler recapture the magic? Can the young up-and-comer cash in on a contract year? Will the aging veteran capitalize on that last chance to shine? And who delivers the goods on a team with the simple "Super Bowl or bust" mantra?

Chris Jones looking for $20M per year 'or I won't play'
NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported Tuesday on NFL Total Access that Jones has "always viewed himself as a $20 million-plus" per-year player, but that the Chiefs have never seen him in such a light and have never offered him that substantial an amount. Hence, Garafolo added there is "a lot of work to be done," if a long-term pact is to be had and Garafolo's not confident it will happen.

Kyler Murray takes blame for Cardinals' high sack rate
Most would look at the Cardinals' offensive line struggles last season and pin the blame on them for all the times Murray ate a sack. There is a growing realization, however, that sacks are actually a quarterback stat. You can read about it here, or here, or here. The basic premise states that the QB has the ability to overcome pressure by recognizing it pre-snap, getting the ball out quicker, throwing it away, taking a check-down to avoid a sack or wiggling away from a defender. He has many more avenues to avoid a sack than his blockers do -- especially when they're outnumbered or out-gamed. The best signal-callers help their offensive line by avoiding QB takedowns, sometimes before the play even starts.

Julian Edelman welcomes Cam Newton with nod to QB's font
Edelman welcomed his new quarterback to New England by posting a photoshopped image of the two in Patriots uniforms (which they won't wear, by the way, because New England is debuting a new road set this season that is slightly different). The cherry on top, though, was the sprinkling in of Newton's unique font he uses on all social media posts.