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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Interview with Ken Anderson

The man, the myth, the legend, Ken Anderson, joins the program to talk about his career, the current state of the Cincinnati Bengals and the Ken Anderson Alliance Foundation. Donate to this great cause at John and Anthony also conclude their “9 For 9 Positional Preview” series with the tight end group.

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We are back this week with one of the most iconic figures in Cincinnati Bengals history. Former quarterback Ken Anderson joined the program to reflect on his career, chat about the current state of the Bengals and to introduce us to his foundation, The Ken Anderson Alliance.

In the interview, Mr. Anderson revealed that guys like tight end Bob Trumpy and running back Essex Johnson were a couple of his favorite passing outlets early in his career. It’s possible that Joe Burrow uses a couple of the same position groups in a similar way as a rookie with the Bengals.

The former Bengals great also chatted about his being snubbed for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the team’s lack of a Ring of Honor. You also won’t want to miss a very entertaining story about some postgame antics he shared with some of the biggest names in Pittsburgh Steelers history, as well.

Anderson’s Foundation is a very unique and touching one. It’s mission is stated as such: “Ken Anderson Alliance will provide a quality of life that enables adults with developmental disabilities to develop and sustain lifelong relationships, independence and self-esteem while contributing to the larger community.”

John and Anthony also concluded their “9 for 9 Positional Preview” series with the tight ends and a special teams look. Ironically, the back end of the former group will shape the latter.

The big question in the tight ends group is in both the utilization of and potential second-year growth of Drew Sample. Is he primed for a unique, hybrid-like role in Zac Taylor’s innovative offense, or will he be primarily relegated to H-Back blocking duties?

Our thanks to Mr. Anderson for giving us so much of his time. Go donate to his foundation to make an impact on behalf of the OBI and Cincy Jungle communities! You can also purchase Ken Anderson Bengals gear in which the proceeds benefit the foundation.

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