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Chad Johnson gets Tee Higgins’ reaction to his Madden ratings

Tee Higgins has plenty of room to grow in Madden based on his rookie ratings.

NFL Combine - Day 2

Chad Johnson has been in the spotlight way more this offseason than recently, and he even has taken part in a few few Bengals’ media events as well as talking with some of the current players.

Apparently, EA Sports took notice of Johnson’s re-surging popularity, and they gave him a chance to reveal the ratings for the rookie wide receivers to the players and get their reactions. This was a cool moment for the rookies who grew up watching Johnson tear up the NFL and dominate highlight reels with his celebrations.

Of course, Bengals fans really only care about Tee Higgins in this. The rookie Bengal who is taking the no. 85 mantle following Tyler Eifert’s departure has already talked about how he has always admired Johnson and the Bengals. What Higgins isn’t a fan of is his ratings which appear towards the end of this video.

The two stats that Higgins wasn’t happy with were his catching (82) and run blocking (48), but to be fair, the Clemson product may have had unrealistic expectations there. He expected his run blocking to be a 90 overall, which would put him higher than most offensive linemen in that stat.

Higgins also expected to have 99 catching. There are only a handful of players in the game who have reached that height. Some of the best of the best don’t have 99 in that stat (even A.J. Green). Johnson may be able to help Higgins get on the right track when the two plan on getting together to workout this offseason.

Madden usually has rookies rated fairly low compared to the rest of the players. It makes sense considering how rare it is for rookies to come in and dominate the league. They also update the rosters fairly frequently during the season. That isn’t to say they can be completely off base with some of their ratings, though.

Other notable stats for Higgins in Madden include 86 spectacular catch, 82 catch in traffic and 75 release. You can find all of Higgins’ stats here.

These aren’t terrible stats for the first pick of the second round, and the odds these increase over a season with Joe Burrow throwing him the ball are pretty high.

What do you think of Higgins’ ratings and how highly he holds himself?