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Agents think Mike Brown is among NFL’s least trustworthy front-office personnel

Among NFL general managers and front-office leaders, Mike Brown is someone that agents don’t prefer to deal with.

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Cincinnati Bengals Rookie Camp Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Mike Brown isn’t highly thought of within the NFL.

The longtime Bengals owner operates his franchise in a way that can rub many people the wrong way, and that’s putting it nicely.

Case in point is a recent survey by The Athletic that polled 30 certified agents about the NFL general managers and front-office leaders. Brown received two votes for being the guy agents trust the least, though part of it is Brown choosing to have a small front office and scouting department compared to the rest of the NFL.

“I just don’t agree with the way that they do things,” an agent said. “I think they’re good people. I just think that when you’ve got four people running a staff when there are other teams with 25 to 40, it’s really hard to do your job and be 100 percent accurate on some things.”

It’s a fair argument and something you do have to wonder if it’s holding back a franchise that hasn’t won a playoff game under Brown’s leadership. I’m sure it makes it easier for agents to not trust the Bengals. And it’ not that they don’t necessarily trust Brown as a person, but rather they don’t trust every decision the team makes is happening with all of the information needed to make the best decision possible.

Hopefully, this isn’t a real issue that’s holding the Bengals back, but the recent results on the field and lack of a single playoff win under Brown certainly make it seem like a legitimate concern.

And the good news is being on this list isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick actually got four votes, almost as many Super Bowl trophies (6) as they’ve won.

Of course, the Bengals aren’t the Patriots...unless Joe Burrow turns into the next Tom Brady.

We can dream, right?