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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Reaching Potential

This week, John and Anthony chat about the newest roster rules, as well as the recent release of agent perceptions on the Bengals’ front office. The duo also gives a “Soundbite of the Week” and unveils its “2020 Potential Breakout Player List”.

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We’re getting oh-so-close to 2020 training camp and the NFL preseason, whatever that may look like. As we get our first glances at this new-look Cincinnati Bengals team, a lot of young players are grabbing our attention.

That’s and area in which one of the new series we unveiled this week, in the form of a “2020 Potential Breakout Players List”. Whether it’s in new players on the roster, or veterans looking to find their niche, who could make a big leap this coming year?

John and Anthony also be gave a “Soundbite of the Week”, in the form of another impressive national appearance by Joe Burrow. The crew also chatted about the impact of A.J. Green and the Bengals failing to come to a long-term agreement, while also reminding everyone about the newest roster rules.

Some of the highlights of the show this week:

  • What does our gut tell us about A.J. Green’s future with the Bengals beyond 2020 and his potential output this season?
  • What does Joe Mixon’s contract status look like now that the Bengals didn’t get a long-term deal done with Green and with Derrick Henry signing a massive extension?
  • Joe Burrow went on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to talk about the unique offseason this year, as well as his Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund efforts.
  • Veterans and rookies kicked off our “2020 Potential Bengals Breakout Players List”.

Our thanks to those who joined us live, but if you missed us this time around, you can always join us on YouTube like the video posted above, or on Cincy Jungle’s Facebook page. As always, you can download the program after the fact on your favorite audio platform—thanks for your support!

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