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NFL agrees to cancel preseason, per report

The next time the Bengals play will be Week 1 in September.

Indianapolis Colts v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

The NFLPA wanted it, and the NFL finally made it happen.

Late Monday evening, the NFL agreed to the NFLPA’s request to nix the entire preseason schedule.

At the beginning of July, the NFL cut the preseason down from the original four-week slate to two, including cancelling the Hall of Fame game that traditionally kicks off the preseason.

The players union stood their ground in their demands for zero preseason games, resulting in the NFL eventually agreeing to one preseason week. The union didn’t waver, and thus, here we are.

With training camps not officially beginning until next week, this gives the players a longer acclimation period from entering team facilities and playing actual games.

The difference between two exhibition games and none would decrease the potential spread of the coronavirus before the start of the regular season. It also would keep players from risking their health while playing in, largely, meaningless games.

The preseason isn’t totally meaningless, especially to undrafted free agents and veterans fighting for a roster spot, but this move will greatly help the regular season to start.

That is something that everyone wants, and the NFL ultimately had little choice but to give into the players’ demands.