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CBS analyst thinks Bengals will win a Super Bowl with Joe Burrow; “maybe two”

The team is heading in the right direction to make this possible.

NFL Combine - Day 2

On Tuesday, the Cincinnati Bengals made it official when they announced that No. 1 overall draft pick Joe Burrow had agreed to a 4-year deal.

Now the discussions begin debating when or if the Bengals will be able to compete for the division or even be a Super Bowl contending team in the near future.

One person that is very high on the Bengals is CBS analyst Pete Prisco who is predicting the Bengals will win at least one Super Bowl.

“In Joe Burrow’s tenure, the Bengals will win a Super Bowl, maybe two.”

As for the upcoming season, Prisco doesn’t expect them to make the playoffs, but he does believe they will compete for the division in 2021-22.

“This year I think they probably get to 8-8 maybe 7-9, I don’t think they get to the postseason, next year they compete for the division.”

The Bengals are getting a ton of talent back heading into the 2020 season including Jonah Williams and AJ Green. Not to mention Joe Mixon who is coming off and incredible final 8 games of 2019-20.

Its hard to say what the future holds for the Joe Burrow era in Cincinnati, but the team is making a lot of good moves and is heading in the right direction. Hopefully Prisco is right and we see the Bengals get at least one or maybe multiple Super Bowls with Burrow under center.