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Interview: Trayveon Williams is the Bengals’ best-kept secret

The second-year running back tells us what he adds to the backfield and a funny story about Giovani Bernard’s frugality.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Trayveon Williams is a big ball of positivity.

The second-year running back was all smiles in our interview. That’s because he’s confident he can bring electricity to the Bengals’ backfield and thrive a do-it-all back who can run between the tackles, catch the ball, and take on pass rushers.

Williams didn’t get many opportunities as a rookie in part because of a foot strain he suffered in the preseason. He’s been working hard to not only prevent such injuries in the future but to actually strengthen the connection between his brain and the muscles in his feet, glutes, and hips.

The running back had a lot of praise for his coaches and teammates. He said offensive-line coach Jim Turner, who worked closely with Williams when the two were at Texas A&M, is a “hardball” and “not an easy coach to play for.”

He continued, “He says some things that make you want to question if you want to be out there.” But Williams also mentioned Turner’s softer side and strong emotional attachment to his son, Jimmy. “He’s a good guy. I love him to death.”

Williams also said he’s learned a lot about business acumen and managing his money from veteran running back Giovani Bernard.

“He’s extremely smart with his money,” said Williams. “He has different businesses, so he’s gaining capital outside of football.”

Of course, sometimes, Bernard might go a little too far with his frugality— Williams told us a funny story about Bernard looking to get reimbursed for gas money. Watch below:

Williams comes across as a confident and dedicated man who loves and appreciates the fans of Cincinnati. He is, no doubt, a player I’ll be rooting for to have a breakout year.