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Joe Burrow looks nothing like a rookie

All of the news coming out from camp has been extremely positive about Burrow so far.

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

In a virtual press conference with Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan, WKRC’s Richard Skinner asked how much he’s putting on new franchise quarterback Joe Burrow:

“Would it be as much as you’d throw at a veteran quarterback in a camp? Are you trying to fast-track him or do you want to let him come along at a speed that’s comfortable for him?”

The response that Callahan gave shows just how sharp and prepared the rookie is:

“We always go at the speed of the quarterback. And so everything we do is geared around how much he can handle, the volume he can handle, and the speed at which we can put it on him. So far I would say that he has not proven that he needs any more time to study and learn than anybody else that I’ve been around. So we kind of throw it all at him.”

Callahan then told reporters that installing his offense actually hasn’t been a problem amid the panic, as the offense has had plenty of time to meet virtually and non-virtually. Of course, he added, the team needs to practice together to get their timing right and see how things work against an actual defense.

In that context, Burrow has been as impressive as it gets for a rookie. Callahan reiterated his QB’s preparedness, saying: “We haven’t pulled back one bit, and he’s handled everything we’ve thrown at him. So it’s been really encouraging and exciting in that regard.”

All the news coming out (very early) from camp has been extremely positive about Burrow in terms of his mental preparation, moxie, and arm talent.