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What to know about the Catapult devices NFL players are wearing in training camp

These will help keep the players fresh and healthy throughout the season.

As training camps are taking place across the NFL, the Cincinnati Bengals’ No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow is finally getting to throw to his new teammates.

On Thursday, the Bengals released a 4-minute video of Burrow throwing to his teammates. In the video, Burrow is throwing to A.J. Green, C.J. Uzomah, Tyler Boyd, Alex Erickson, and Drew Sample.

However, while fans were very excited to see Burrow on the field, a lot of questions came up about the device that the players were wearing in the video.

James Rapien of Sports Illustrated detailed what exactly the players were wearing.

“The Catapult device is a valuable tool that plenty of NFL teams have started to use in recent seasons. It tracks everything a player does, from the number of football movements he makes during practice, to the exact number of throws a quarterback attempts.”

The Bengals even partnered with Catapult before the 2019 season because the device can manage the workload of each player and can even be programmed for specific positions.

“The position-based metrics help keep the coaching staff aware of how much a player is doing during a practice. It can measure contact, contact load, total load, contact load percentage and load per contact metrics for an offensive lineman.”

“The devices have a GPS tracker, so you can see where a player goes, how fast he’s moving, how long he’s running during a typical practice, etc.”

These devices are just one more piece of technology that the Bengals will use to record data and keep tabs on how much players are doing. This will be beneficial to keeping players healthy and fresh and when you have aging stars like A.J. Green, Carlos Dunlap, and Geno Atkins, then they can make a world of difference.