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Analyst makes case for paying Joe Mixon $15+ million annually; compares him to Christian McCaffrey

“Mixon could be as well positioned as Christian McCaffrey was a year ago to explode.”

New England Patriots vCincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

One of the biggest storylines with the Bengals currently is the contract situation with Joe Mixon.

Entering his fourth and final year under his rookie deal, Mixon is primed for a monster payday within the next year, whether it be from the Bengals or another team potentially in 2021 NFL free agency.

There’s still hope in Cincinnati that an extension can be reached before the start of the regular season, which is just a month away. A recent report suggested Mixon was seeking a deal that would pay him around $8 million annually, which would be a great deal for both sides.

However, CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora thinks Mixon should be making almost double that price on an annual basis, going as far

“The Bengals should extend Mixon,” La Canfora wrote. “It should be their priority right now. He is the most important player on that roster not named Joe Burrow. He will be Burrow’s best weapon and primary accessory in that offense this season. He is the very rare NFL back in this age of extreme passing who is worth $15M a season or more. He makes a difference all three downs and will be a savior of sorts this season with so many young, new parts trying to hold the Bengals attack together.”

In fact, La Canfora thinks Mixon can be the Christian McCaffrey of the AFC.

“Mixon could be as well positioned as Christian McCaffrey was a year ago to explode. In fact, if there is a full season, I fully anticipate that Mixon will be the Run CMC of the AFC this season. His scrimmage yards, receptions and touchdowns could be off the charts. He is a core piece for the Bengals and I would not flinch at paying him top of the market prices.”

While it seems ridiculous to pay just about any running back that kind of money, it is nice to hear someone thinks so highly of Mixon, who doesn’t get enough credit for what he’s been able to do playing behind a horrific offensive line, not to mention the quarterback issues Cincinnati has faced over the last two years.

Mixon is definitely a valuable commodity to the Bengals, so here’s hoping that both sides can reach a reasonable deal sooner rather than later.