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Former Bengals CB Adam Jones lights Steelers jerseys on fire that were sent to his house

Clearly there is still some bad blood between Adam Jones and the Steelers.

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers

Adam Jones may end up being one of the most memorable Bengals from the 2010’s Bengals teams. The former cornerback — who is also frequently referred to as Pacman — is unfortunately remembered most for his emotions running over at inopportune times during games, but it was that same approach that made him such a great team leader that helped the Bengals create an edge during an era where they desperately needed it.

It should come as no surprise then that he didn’t appreciate what appeared to be a prank played on him when a box full of Steelers’ memorabilia (mostly Joe Haden signed jerseys) showed up at his home. He reacted pretty much as most would expect by lighting them on fire and posting it on social media in the hopes of it going viral.

Warning NSFW language

The Steelers and Bengals rivalry in the 2010’s will always be remembered more for the drama in between plays or after games. Those teams flat out did not like each other. Pittsburgh is a team that loves to try and bully other teams, but they are quick to pull out the victim card. You can make the argument that both sides did cross the line on multiple occasions, though.

It is clear from this video that even being three years removed from that rivalry hasn’t cooled any hatred Jones has for the Steelers, and you have to imagine it won’t be long till there are some shots fired back at Jones from Pittsburgh as is tradition.

Jones spent eight of his 12 NFL seasons in Cincinnati after being drafted by the Titans in the first round of the 2005 draft. It is a shame that sometimes him wearing his heart on his sleeve overshadowed what was a very good career with the Bengals. Still, it is that same fire (pun not intended) that makes him such a fan favorite doing things like this.

Hopefully Jones gets his wish of A.J. Green toasting Haden this season, and the Bengals start off 2020 reversing how the rivalry went during the 2010’s.