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Chalk Talk: What Mike Daniels brings to the Bengals’ defense

Breaking down film on Mike Daniels from 2019

It is extremely important for the Bengals’ defense to have three defensive tackles who can contribute in a big way.

There are two reasons why this is true.

  1. They need to keep Geno Atkins fresh to get the most out of his elite talent.
  2. In their 3-4 base defense, 3 defensive tackles are on the field while players who we generally think of as defensive ends play the role of outside linebacker.

So even with Atkins and renowned free agent D.J. Reader, Josh Tupou is a big part of this defense.

For that reason, Tupou opting out is a big deal.

In the past, when the Bengals have lost players unexpectedly, they have tended to go with what they have.

Like that scene in Hoosiers where the coach says “My team is on the floor.”

No. Scratch that. That was actually for good reason.

This was actually more like the scene in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery when he is playing Blackjack and decides to stay on 5.

Anyway you look at it, it’s The Emperor’s New Groove in Cincinnati as the Bengals responded to the Tupou news by signing a big name in longtime Green Bay Packer and one-time Detroit Lion Mike Daniels.

Take a look at the video and I’ll show you what Daniels has to offer.

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