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NFL barring cheerleaders, mascots and sideline reporters from the field this season

No Who Dey on the field at Paul Brown Stadium this year.

Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals

The coronavirus continues to dramatically change how sports will be played, including the NFL.

According to NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero, the NFL will not allow cheerleaders or team mascots on the field this season. In addition, sideline reporters will also be barred from the field.

So, it looks like we won’t be seeing the Bengals mascot or cheerleaders on the field this fall, and there won’t be any in-game coaching interviews on the sideline either. It’s unfortunate that it’s come to this, but the coronavirus is no joke, so hopefully these decisions help prevent it from spreading to those involved with the NFL this fall.

Now, it’s possible that if things get better, the NFL could alter some of these rules later in the season. But all the matters right now is having a safe and complete season this fall.

And if it must be done without mascots and cheerleaders, so be it.