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What’s up with Bobby Hart?

The Bengals right tackle seems to have a certain affinity for conspiracy theories. What’s really going on upstairs?

New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Bobby Hart has posted and tweeted so many controversial things it’s honestly hard to keep track.

Here are some of the lowlights just from the month of July:

  • Posts to Instagram “LOOK HOW FAST THEY JUMP ON D JACK NECK FOR TRYING TO WAKE HIS PEOPLE UP.” This is a reference to Desean Jackson’s shockingly anti-Semitic post, for which he has since tried very hard to make amends.
  • Posts to Instagram an image of a skeleton covered with prescription bottles and the claim that prescription drugs do not work because they must be refilled.
  • Posts to Instagram a picture and a text about the Amish. It is claimed that the Amish do not have a problem with COVID-19 because they don’t watch television, meaning, they are not susceptible to what Hart appears to deem misleading information about its severity.
  • Tweets: “All this hard work i put in this offseason. I could give 2 f***s bout Covid strap that sh** up”
  • Posts to Instagram: “Wear Your Mask, F*** Off @iamtreyhopkins” along with (incorrect) math about the probability of being infected and a comparison to the dangers of riding in a car. Apparently, Bengals center Trey Hopkins has tried to convince Hart to wear a mask.
  • Tweets “Feel How You feel” with a picture of a raised middle finger.

So what does all this mean? Is Hart crying for help? Or does he simply have too much access to the internet? We analyze his posts and tweets in this video: