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Bengals Twitter reactions from second team scrimmage

The biggest stories may have been who did and did not play, but the Bengals had a close finish to their scrimmage.

Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Bengals used Sunday to have what they called their third preseason game intensity scrimmage. It is obviously hard to replicate that opportunity without officials or an opposing team.

Strange sounds and opening looks at the scrimmage

No surprise that Joe Burrow was the first player on the field to start the evening. It also was the Bengals and fans first chance to get to hear what could be common place in 2020 artificial crowd noise.

Who missed the scrimmage

Unfortunately several big named Bengals didn’t participate in Sunday’s scrimmage. It isn’t the end of the world, and having these players healthy for Week 1 is the highest priority. However, the chances for practice reps are diminishing with only one scrimmage left before the first game that seems to be more of a fourth preseason type game than a chance for these guys.

Burrows slow start kindles some fire

Burrow started off the scrimmage with some struggles and some drops. It was also interesting to see who was getting the targets on offense as the rookie heated up to beat the first and second team defenses for touchdowns.

The second drive — this time against the second team defense — proved to be an even easier task for Team Burrow as two big plays highlighted the drive.

Highlights from Team Ryan Finley’s time on the field

Before the team got into the scored part of the scrimmage, Ryan Finley and the second team offense really struggled. Some inaccuracies and bad decisions plagued the second-year player. It was good to see the defense perform so well, though and a backup running back shinning.

Highlights of scored phase of scrimmage

The Bengals had an interesting scoring system for their redzone plus section of the scrimmage. It seemed like that had offenses starting on the 40 or 30-yard line right outside of the end zone. It ended up being far more competitive than the previous drives.

Team Finely’s drive didn’t last long. The backup quarterback had one big play followed up by a tip drill that fell into a defender’s arms.

Burrow still wasn’t quite able to recapture that rhythm the offense had prior to the scored section of the Scrimmage. He was still able to make a few plays and get an easy field goal for his team.

Finley was able to put up a score on the next drive which left team Burrow in a situation where they either had to score a touchdown or lose the scrimmage.

Burrow’s chance at a game winning drive

Burrow had an unexpected chance to show what he had in a clutch situation. Obviously, this is just a scrimmage without some of the biggest offensive names he will have at his disposal, but it is still a good experience for the rookie.