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Bengals at Browns: Week 2 Madden Simulation

We simulate the Bengals vs the Browns in Madden 21 to try and predict the outcome of the week 2 matchup

Bengals vs Browns Madden 21 Week 2 Simulation highlights

While the Bengals’ first game ended as a heartbreaking loss, it was also a hopeful sign of things to come. Joe Burrow showed a lot of potential in the final minutes against a Chargers defense loaded with talent, so the opportunity to face a struggling Browns team is a welcome one.

A cake walk, it will not be as the Bengals still have to contend with the likes of Myles Garrett, who should feast upon the Bengals’ weak offensive line. If Burrow can step up under the bright lights, the Bengals could put up a lot of points.

Let’s take a look at the Madden simulation to see how it predicts this will all play out.

The Bengals start off the ball and drive down the field looking good and get into the red zone. Once there, the drive stalls out and they are forced to take the field goal.

Bengals first field goal

Bengals: 3-0

After the Bengals field goal the Browns receive the ball and drive down the field. They have no problem moving down the field and unlike the Bengals are able to convert in the red zone for a touchdown on a Nick Chubb run.

Nick Chubb first rushing touchdown

Browns: 7-3

After the Browns touchdown the Bengals once again receive the ball and have little issue driving down the field. Once again though they stall out inside the red zone and are forced to settle for the field goal.

Bengals second field goal

Browns: 7-6

The Browns receive the ball and begin driving down the field. In a case of deja vu the Browns have no problem moving down the field and score on a Nick Chubb touchdown run.

Nick Chubb second touchdown run

Browns: 14-6

After this the Bengals receive the ball and quickly go three and out giving the Browns the ball back with just over two minutes to play in the half. They very quickly drive down the field and score on a pass to Rashard Higgins leaving 30 seconds on the clock for the Bengals.

Rashard Higgins first receiving touchdown

Browns: 21-6

With very little time remaining the Bengals hit on big chunk plays to A.J. Green and John Ross and are able to kick a field goal with ten seconds remaining in the half which is good.

Bengals third field goal

Browns: 21-9

After this the teams go into halftime and the Browns receive the ball to start the new half. They drive slowly and methodically around the field, but the Bengals defense finally steps up and holds the Browns offense to a field goal.

Browns first field goal

Browns: 24-9

In a role reversal after, after the Browns are finally held to a field goal the Bengals finally are able to drive down the field and score a touchdown on a Joe Mixon touchdown run.

Joe Mixon first touchdown run

Browns: 24-16

After this play enters the fourth quarter and the Browns receive the ball. They drive down the field and the Bengals defense fails to stop them, that is until they get into the red zone. The Browns are once again held to a field goal making it an 11-point game.

Browns second field goal

Browns: 27-16

After the Browns latest points the Bengals needed two possessions to get back into this. They drive down the field, but are inevitably stopped by the Browns. To make it a one possession game they take the field goal lowering the Browns lead to one.

Bengals fourth field goal

Browns: 27-19

With little time remaining the Bengals defense needs a three and out and they finally step up and get it. Joe Burrow gets the ball with just under two minutes left and one timeout. He moves the ball down the field, but time is ticking fast. With twelve seconds left they are at the 21-yard line looking for the touchdown. Joe Burrow scrambles around looking for the open receiver in the end zone, but he is sacked and time runs out before they get back to the line.

The Browns win 27-19. An eight-point victory for Cleveland could’ve ended very differently if two of the Bengals’ field goals had been touchdowns.

Final Score

Madden 21 Win Loss Prediction Accuracy: 1-0

Final Score and Stats