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Fake Joe Burrow takes to the street to fool Bengals fans

How many times do you see an NFL player casually walking with their pads and helmet on?

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

It is safe to say that Joe Burrow is one of the biggest names in Cincinnati currently. He was the first overall pick for the city’s NFL team after winning the National Championship and Heisman trophy the prior year in college.

It is also safe to say that there are plenty of people in Cincinnati who either don’t follow the Bengals any closer than to have heard the name Burrow in passing. That was illustrated when Rohan Kohli posted a video of himself to Youtube walking around Cincinnati with a helmet, pads and a Burrow jersey.

Before we rally talk about it, you should probably see the video for yourself.

First off, the funniest thing about this video is people would assume any football player would just be casually walking around in his own jersey, pads and a helmet on. That should be the first clue to whether or not you are actually talking to an NFL player. The idea that one of the biggest names on the team would do that is even less likely. It probably helped being followed by a camera, though.

Either way just keep your wits about you when on the streets of Cincinnati folks.