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Bengals at Eagles: Week 3 Madden Simulation

Can the Bengals win their first game of season? We simulated their matchup against the Eagles to find out.

Bengals at Eagles highlights

Two weeks down and two losses so far the Bengals in the 2020 season. For their fans, this is all too familiar, but this year is different. This year there is hope in the air and the hope’s name is Joe Burrow. He has gotten off to a solid start this year and that is while struggling to connect on deep balls. once he begins to hit those like he did at LSU he will be very tough for opposing teams to stop. Hopefully his first NFL win comes here in week 3 against a decimated Eagles team.

So with that in mind let’s take a look at the sim to see who it predicts winning Sunday’s game.

To start off the Bengals receive the ball and fail to score on the opening drive. In fact, neither team scores at all in the first quarter. The Bengals receive the ball with about three minutes remaining in the first half and drive all the way down the field. Once they are near the goal line, however, the offense stalls. After the first quarter ends the Bengals are forced to take a field goal on fourth down.

Randy Bullock first field goal

Bengals: 3-0

Following the Randy Bullock field goal the Eagles receive the ball and finally get a drive of their own going. They get all the way down the field before they also have to settle for a field goal from outside the redzone.

Jake Elliott first field goal

Tied: 3-3

After the field goal the Bengals aren’t able to get any points before half. After halftime, both teams swap a non-scoring drive after getting a couple first downs. With about two minutes left in the third quarter, however, the Eagles finally get a drive going and soon after the fourth quarter starts the Eagles get a touchdown to take a lead.

Miles Sanders touchdown

Eagles: 10-3

Following the Eagles touchdown the Bengals get the ball, but are quickly forced to punt after going three and out. The Eagles receive the ball with about five minutes left in the fourth and begin their drive. The Bengals defense needs a stop, but their run defense proves to be porous and allows multiple first down runs. Eventually the Bengals run out of time outs and the Eagles are able to kneel away the clock, securing the low scoring victory.

Final Score

Madden 21 Win Loss prediction accuracy: 2-0

Final Score and Stats