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Twitter reactions to Bengals vs. Eagles tie

The Bengals and the Eagles show their fan bases the worst way to waste four hours on a Sunday.

Los Angeles Chargers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Bengals and Eagles did it again. They messed with our hearts, got lost in the game. Oops they tied again.

In all seriousness though, dealing with a tie isn’t easy. This may be the easiest tie the Bengals have gotten to deal with though, because the correct response is to be frustrated. This team had a number of opportunities to put the game away, but they couldn’t actually pull it off.

An ugly hit

The entire Bengals’ fan base collectively cried out in outrage and frustration when Joe Burrow got hit high after throwing a pass by an Eagles’ defensive lineman. Burrow was slow to get up, and he had to sit out a play before returning right afterward to get sacked on the next play. It wasn’t a great series of events for Cincinnati, but at least everyone could share a sigh of relief as the franchise quarterback didn’t suffer a serious injury.

Carl Lawson’s big day

Last week Cincinnati just couldn’t get any pressure against the Browns. This week Lawson and the other defensive linemen made it a point to correct that. He mostly took Sunday to give Jason Peters a real schooling.

Defense can’t keep the momentum

The Bengals had just scored a touchdown to put them ahead before halftime. However, the defense couldn’t help but ruin all of that by allowing the Eagles to score a touchdown before the half. Philadelphia was aided by a kickoff out of bounds, but they still gave up an easy touchdown in the final seconds. It doesn’t help that it came on an absolutely blown coverage that probably had no business being called.

The future is now

The Bengals really laid the foundation for their offense in the first two rounds of the 2020 NFL draft. It started with Burrow first overall, but they instantly paired him with Tee Higgins at wide receiver to hopefully be the duo that leads the Bengals back to playing meaningful football. On Sunday, we saw a glimpse of that future.

There was also this moment where the pair almost broke the internet with Burrow making a crazy move to keep the play alive. Unfortunately, the play was called back for illegal touching by Higgins after being pushed out of bounds on the play.

Of course it ended this way

The Bengals and Eagles exit the game still winless. Get ready for the kissing your sister jokes, because Cincinnati and Philadelphia combine for the second time in their history of playing each other.

It is a pretty rough feeling watching a tie, which is something Bengals fans have experienced more in recent seasons than any other NFL fanbase. The overwhelming feeling was frustration, though. It makes sense given how each side sort of let it happen with their play calling in the final minutes. It was even more frustrating given the Bengals had every chance to win the game in regulation.

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