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Tyler Boyd says Bengals need to start protecting Joe Burrow

Boyd says that Burrow can’t do much when they’re constantly behind the chains.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Joe Burrow and Tyler Boyd were on the same page on Sunday. The two connected for ten catches and 125 yards in the tie with the Eagles.

Even though they both played well, it hurts that they didn’t win.

“It sucks,” Boyd said. “It hurts me because I know how much Joe wants to win. I know how much he dedicate himself to this game and the pressure that he has coming to this team. He feels that we should win each game. If we get the final drive he believes we are going to win. That’s what I love about him. To see him take those hits and for him go down and for him to get injured, it hurts. It makes me want to fight whoever done anything to him. We have to figure a way to protect him and figure a way to make tough catches on our end as well.”

Protection is an issue for the Bengals. Burrow was sacked eight times against the Eagles and lost 56 yards. Burrow had to sit out for a play after taking an illegal hit from Malik Jackson.

“I didn’t actually see the shot,” Boyd said. “Joe is one of the toughest guys I’ve been around and I haven’t really been around him for too long. But to see that and knowing how much he wants to win gives me that something in me that’s like, ‘Oh man, this is my brother, I’m riding for him no matter what and whoever’s done that, we’ve to get you back.’’

Boyd says that the key to winning with Burrow is to stay on schedule and helping him out. Burrow can only do so much when he’s taking hits and the Bengals let the pressure get to him.

“We just have to be sound. Every guy got to do their job each play,” Boyd said. “We can’t just have an explosive gain and then come back and give up a sack. We can’t play behind the sticks. If we continue to move the chain yard by yard we will be a high-powered offense but we have to figure out among ourselves.”

Boyd and Burrow are just about the only things going well on offense so far. The Bengals need to get some help from the offensive line, and even from the playcalling, if they’re going to avoid picking first overall again.