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Joe Burrow is on pace to get sacked a near-record 75 times

The rookie QB is on pace to be sacked just one less time than David Carr in a rookie year that derailed his career.

Cincinnati Bengals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

After getting sacked 8 times against the Philadelphia Eagles, Joe Burrow has now been sacked 14 times, which puts him on pace to be sacked 75 times this season. That is one off the record, which was also set by a rookie quarterback drafted first overall, David Carr.

Carr had a terrible season overall and getting hit that much early famously ruined his potentially promising career. That rookie year, he completed only 52.5% of his passes for 9 touchdowns, 15 interceptions and 2,592 yards despite playing all 16 games. He finished with a QB rating of 62.8. He played all 16 games three other times, getting sacked 49 times in 2004, 68 times in 2005, and 41 times in 2006, never topping 16 touchdown passes. After taking all of those beatings by the age of 27, Carr never started more than 6 games again.

That’s the scary part.

But here’s the astonishing part: Burrow, despite getting similarly abused, has been thriving and putting his team in position to win every game. He’s completed 64.5% of his passes, and is on pace to throw for 27 touchdowns, just 5 interceptions, and 4,379 yards.

Let’s put it another way: the Bengals QB is putting up near-MVP numbers despite getting just about the worst protection in the history of the NFL.

In short, Burrow will not end up the next Carr, because Carr never produced. What he could end up being, though, is the next Andrew Luck, a MVP-caliber quarterback who gets pummeled for years and is forced to retire early. That is, unless Cincinnati’s front office actually takes the offensive line seriously for once.

We talk about Burrow’s masterful play against the Philadelphia Eagles despite getting sacked 8 times in our show, which you can watch below.