Pick #5, 1-1-21 mock draft

Obviously this thing isn't totally accurate by any means especially given a guy like Kyle Trask was still available in round 3 or 4 I believe it was. In this you will see I made a trade with Atlanta and while dropping from 5 to 35 isn't ideal given the depth of the OL in this draft and gaining ATL, 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks I felt was more than worth it. Also of note I have done drafts where we were and 3 and I received zero offers while staying at #3. I done a couple of these drafts and in each scenario there were multiple offers for the #5 pick, does it mean this could happen in a real draft, nah just saying. I also only put in on 5 rounds if anyone is wondering about the later round guys. Also keep in mind during this draft I didn't try to move up or initiate any trades they were all sent my way.

  • CIN
    Alex Leatherwood
    OT Alabama
    trade icon
  • CIN
    Jalen Mayfield
    OT Michigan
  • CIN
    Hamilcar Rashed Jr.
    EDGE Oregon State
    trade icon
  • CIN
    Israel Mukuamu
    CB South Carolina
  • CIN
    Rodarius Williams
    CB Oklahoma State
  • CIN
    Ben Cleveland
    OG Georgia
  • 2022 ATL 1st
  • 2022 ATL 2nd
  • 2022 ATL 3rd

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