Let's talk QB

Well guys let's get into something that is not lineman related and that's QB. It's obvious this team has absolutely no desire to have Ryan Finley under center and quite frankly I think we can all agree it gets pretty ugly when he's back there. So Finley is still on contract for another 2 years at little over a million next season and 1.1 million in 2022. Dead cap money is minimal at best 394K next year. Is it time for this team so say enough is enough with Finley?? If we decide that did we see enough out of B. Allen to warrant giving him a contract, I don't think he'll cost much probably could get him pretty similar to Finley's current contract.

Or does this team need to look into FA or the draft to bring in another QB. Keeping in mind that Burrow is coming off a major knee injury and he might not be ready, I don't care what they say it's January and everyone is always ahead of schedule in January. Also I think something we learned this past season is we had a HUGE drop off from Burrow to the next man up, while it doesn't have to be Burrow it does need to be someone who can win a game here and there if needed.

So what do we do with Finley??

Do we bring B. Allen back in??

Do we bring in another FA, I've seen Cam Newton's name and Jamies Winston's name out there, or do we try again in the draft??

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